Sara Anna Nadalini

In motion

Bach Meets Barolo - Behind the scenes
Will the Brexit negotiations reflect millennials' interests?
Bach Meets Barolo - Behind the scenes
Teaser - Bach Meets Barolo neuro-wine tasting experience
#WeAreAllEngland campaign with British Future
Population and Ethics - 2016 Cumberland Colloquium
Join the discussion on Twitter: #BrexitWatch
University project: a snapshot of Tallinn in 2012
Social campaign against the expansion of Heathrow airport
Promo for the Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association
A wall quarantines the Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem
Poem written in the Jungle, Calais, March 2016
Reportage on the Land Day annual commemoration
Short film featuring the students of a West Bank school
The Nakba commemoration (Arabic for ‘tragedy’)
Short film centered on the peculiar sounds of snooker halls
Short documentary on Estonia's stateless children of the '80s
Guerrilla marketing action filmed and produced in Tallinn